A New Beginning

from Anywhere But Home

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Near me, far me...Near me, far... Near me... Far... Now, now it's time. I'm arrived, I decided nevermind how I feel. Someone else tells me how how I have, have to do without emotions, sorrows again now I borrow your pain. I laid down down on a bed smoking opium when a man got down to to the stairs and told me about a suicide. Ipnotized, I idealized, I realised now I need to see your face to kiss your eyes another time. I run away, away from this. Ways like days full of thorns repudiate by the hate for myself now I'm sure you can not forgive me I was far away from all you've forgot who I am. LET ME LIVE! Now I look back and inside I have nothing to hide how I'm after this long long journey. All my cryings have been stopped by the wind of the north that is blowing hard and carrying me away. Voice of time, I'm arrived and now I'm wet and tired, steps like sandstones, I'm coming back home. My young sister is crying now now there's nothing to hide only now I know the name of the actions. And the doors of time that I've shut like the mirror where I have looked show me all my mistakes and troubles. Pardon me, please give me your heart.


Progressive Rock
A New Beginning
A New Beginning
  • A New Beginning

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July 24th

July 24th
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