A Cold Morning

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I still want to see you like a paradise,feeling deeply only a mention of affection by looking into your eyes, the lighthouse is calling loud your name, now, the rain comes down and crash into the sea. Carried by the headwind you will go, leaving me and our mother alone, well, I don't know... I'm running with my mind trying to reach you and find, rage and sorrows seems to change like old colors of time. I remember how the silence of my past brings me back into the violence of my loss. There's a picture in my mind where we were young lay down to the fields of grain where we felt great. Smiles and laughts are lost by now while you're getting to the stairs and nothing change your thoughts. You were full of your pride, so can you sacrifice me? I'm running with my mind, I'm trying to reach you and find, rage and sorrows are broken like colors of rainbow and are unable to see your intention to love me again. Oh, I know, I don't know, I don't know... How I know?


Progressive Rock
A Cold Morning
A Cold Morning
  • A Cold Morning

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