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We decided to take our first step into the music as a child who takes his first steps into the world: full of doubts, perplexities and questions. Often, some of these questions seem to have no answer, but sometimes we only need to take a look around: maybe what we are searching for is just under our eyes. We won't make this journey alone, a family is the starting point of every human being, the fulcrum and a place where everyone can find time to rest. We present you this work that we have prepared for an entire year, a lifetime, an experience that everyone has lived, is currently living or has not lived yet.


Produced by Dropshard & Ken FosterPublished by Sonic Vista Music All music and lyrics composed by Dropshard Guitars and Vocals: Sebastiano Benatti Drums, Percussions and Sound Effects: Tommaso Mangione Voices, Flute and Acoustic Guitar on ‘Again’: Enrico Scanu Keyboards: Tommaso Selleri Bass, Vocals and Programming: Alex Stucchi This work has been recorded and mixed at Frequenze Studio in Monza Brianza (MB), Italy, November 2010 Mixed and Engineered by Guido Fioravanti Mastered by Dale Smith at Ernest HQ Cover painting: Pietro Trivelli Handwritings: Rosangela Campagnoli Additional paintings: Desirée Ferrario Booklet images: Sara Pirovano & Tommaso Mangione Design concept: Dropshard Graphic design: Tommaso Mangione Many, many special thanks to: Sara Pirovano, Francesco Tomei, Maria Carla Scanu, Davide Paulesu, Viki Giannetti, Guglielmo Mariotti, Nick Jackson, The Drivhell, Joe Gentile and all our families and friends for the biggest and strongest support we could ever imagine.


Progressive Rock


All Rights Reserved

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Anywhere But Home
Anywhere But Home
  • Look Ahead
  • Anywhere But Home
  • Images Of Mind
  • A Cold Morning
  • Again
  • Changing Colours
  • A New Beginning
  • Look Behind
  • Freedom Supermarket


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